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Sacred Vessels

Gaspard offers a wide range of metal ware and accessories to enhance church services. We feature exquisite chalice, ciboria, and scale patens from Artistic Silver and Artimetal in Spain. In addition, we offer Communion supplies, altar sets, candelabras, advent wreaths, candles, incense and much more. For generations, the artisans at Artistic Silver and Artimetal in Spain have practiced their craft, creating exquisite metal ware such as chalices, ciboria, communion sets, monstrances, ostensoria, tabernacles and more. Forged in ancient kilns, this hand-polished metal ware is used today by churches around the globe to celebrate Holy Communion and the Lord’s Supper. Please note that due to the fluctuating costs of raw materials, prices for metal ware from Artistic Silver and Artimetal may change without notice.

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