Single Scent Bag

The ancient world believed that the smoke of incense carried their prayers to heaven. Today it is used in meditation and prayer to help improve communication with God and enhance spiritual awareness. Designed exclusively for Gaspard. Imported from Germany. Prices starting at $23.25 per 1 pound bag.

  • 20000 Jasmine Soft flowers, pine and sandalwood.
  • 20001 Rose petals with a hint of citrus and balsam.
  • 20003 Cypress Pleasant with a hint of moss and apple wood.
  • 20004 Alma Mater Reminiscent of old monastic corridors and hallways.
  • 20016a House Blessing Perfect for smaller functions and daily use.
  • 20017b Heaven scent Light flowers with background wood tones.
  • 20005 Natural Oman Ancient scent used often in western churches. Blends well with Rose.
  • 20015 Styrax Pleasant and non-overpowering. Ideal for use in the autumn through late winter.
  • 20007 Paradise Fruity, soft scent.
  • 20008 Fides et Spec Caritas A well-known church fragrance that is suitable for daily use.
  • 20009 Gloria Sandalwood with citric notes.
  • 20010 Pontifical Cherry wood with a hint of sandalwood.
  • 20011 Salomo Ancient scent used often in western churches. Blends well with Frankincense.

Item # 20000-2001b

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