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St. Elizabeth Sacramental Wine - NEW!

Since 1954, Gaspard Inc. has been recognized as a leader in providing the finest handcrafted Vestments and Paraments to the clergy and churches worldwide. Gaspard’s reputation has been earned through the quality of our craftsmanship – quality born of care and meticulous attention to detail. Gaspard is proud to present St. Elizabeth Sacramental Wine. Made from the finest and purest of Concord Grapes, our St. Elizabeth Sacramental wine has no additives or preservatives other that what is created naturally during the fermenting process. Due to additional shipping requirments actual cost of wine per pouch is $24.99 with an addition $5.00 Handeling Fee Due to the strict Federal and individual State alcohol shipment requirements, your state may not be listed as one your state selections. If interested on wanting to order your St. Elizabeth sacramental wine please email our customer service department and we will advise the availability to ship to your state. All customers who wish to purchase St. Elizabeth Sacramental Wine MUST be 21 years of age and signature is required at the time of delivery.
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