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Item#: 4224
4224 The Holy Spirit Parament Set
Come! Holy Spirit enkindle in us the fire of your divine love. An extraordinary parament that conveys the importance of the Spirit in our lives and helps lead us to a realization of our need to respond so others see the Spirit in us if we are to evangelize the world. Special size requirements, contact Gaspard @ 800-784-6868. Allow 8 weeks for Paraments/Banners. Made to order and non-returnable.  For complete fabric description and options please click here.  For helpful information on how to order Gaspard Paraments please click here.  

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This collection consistes of

For special size requirement please Contact Our Customer Service Representatives to assist in ordering your Paraments at 800-784-6868 Trouble Customising?Customized in size, color & fabric

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To press out any creases caused by packaging or shipping, use a steam iron set at mid-range heat and a slightly damp press cloth. Press from the back side of the parament, allowing as much steam as possible to penetrate fabric. Allow fabric to cool before removing from ironing board. Dry cleaning is recommended for all paraments, however, Gaspard, Inc. cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by dry cleaning.