Vestment Care

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Jason R. Gaspard, President

Jo Ann Gaspard, Vice President

To keep your vestments in optimal condition for years to come, follow the maker’s cleaning instructions carefully. If it is a dry clean-only garment, make sure your dry cleaner is experienced in caring for embellished garments and does not use chemicals that would harm your pieces. If it is a hand wash-only vestment, do not dry clean it.

Storage is equally important. Whether it is a choir robe, alb, cassock or chasuble, keep it out of direct sunlight to avoid fading. To protect it from dust, store it in a garment bag. Finally, the way you hang your vestment may also affect how well it keeps its shape. Use a hanger that is sturdy enough to support your garment without sagging.

Did you know that Gaspard Inc. offers custom dry cleaning services for those hard-to-clean items (those jobs your regular dry cleaner shakes his head at)? Just send us an email at or give a call, and we’ll consult on your cleaning challenge, and how to send us your items. If we can’t get it clean, no one can! And, if it is beyond cleaning, we can probably repair it, and we can certainly replace it!